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Relationships and Marriage: Messages to My Daughters

Kendall Campbell uses personal messages written to his daughters to encourage them to study and consider what the Word of God has to say about true marriage and relationships. This book is for any woman who is considering marriage, or any father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle to share concerning relationships the way God intended.

Relationships and Marriage: Messages to My Daughters "WORDBOOK"

In the Messages Workbook, author Kendall Campbell uses narrative, questions and KEY CONCEPTS to share practical lessons from the Word of God concerning relationships and marriage. This workbook can be used in small or large group Bible studies or in women’s groups where the goal is learning more about relationships and marriage through the Word of God.

Goodnight Sister

In this Christian early reader, two sisters and their furry friend enjoy weekend adventures and most importantly each other. As the two sisters work and play together, early developmental routines are reinforced for young readers. Using bright colors and many pre-primer and primer words, "Goodnight Sister" will capture your budding reader's attention and encourage a love of reading.


From our new Hear. Accept. Win. line, this merchandise will encourage you to Win daily. When the Word is sown into the heart of man...hear, accept and WIN!

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