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Lessons on Mentorship

I shared in the last post about Aquila and Priscilla and how they mentored Apollos.  They were spiritual mentors for Apollos and they updated his theology from the baptism of John the Baptist to Jesus’ baptism. […]

Apollos the Mentee

The first story that I want to share about Kingdom Mentorship involves Aquila and Priscilla. They were a husband and wife team who mentored a Jew named Apollos. The story can be found in Acts 18:24-26. […]

An Introduction to Kingdom Mentorship

A mentor can be defined as an experienced or a trusted advisor. There are several models for mentorship from peer mentoring, group mentoring, mosaic mentoring (a different mentor for a different need) to cheerleading. Not only […]

Leading Others to Christ

I have been teaching on politics and how Jesus viewed politics in His day.  The closing points of this lesson have to do with you being able to lead others to Christ. After all you are […]

Preach Christ, Not Politics

In today’s political climate it is easy for Christians to lose track of our purpose in the earth. The world system can dictate to you what you should be thinking about and what you should do. […]


Facts about the Joy of the Lord and scriptures for you to study: Joy is on the other side of the suffering for the cause of Christ (Hebrews12:2) Joy is because we have an incorruptible inheritance […]