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Given by the Holy Spirit

There are 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. There are Power gifts, Vocal gifts and Revelation gifts. These gifts cannot be manifested by the born again believer at his or her will. That means that I […]

Spiritual Not Natural

I have been teaching on the 9 gifts of the Spirit. I haven’t begun to talk about the gifts, and have been spending the first few weeks providing some introduction to them.  I mentioned in the […]

Spiritual Gifts

First Corinthians 12 begins a discussion of Spiritual Gifts. As I was teaching the last series for the teaching ministry, the Lord prompted me to bring forward a lesson on the gifts of the Spirit. These […]

Receiving the Filling is Activating the Power

Father God is referred to as “Power” in Mark 14:62.  God is an all powerful, all knowing God. His power is what raised Jesus from the dead. In Acts 1:8 you learn that receiving the power […]

Fruit Bearing

Fruit bearing is linked to the power of God. I mentioned in the last post in John 15, which has been our text for this series of lessons, that you as a branch have to remain […]

Empowered by God for Growth

God expects you to grow. He expects you to go from faith to faith and from glory to glory. He expects you to mature as Christian going from the milk of the Word to the meat […]