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Keys to answering questions.

I am starting a new series on the radio this month titled Keys to answering questions. Tune in to heaven98.3 on Wednesday at noon EST as I start the introductory lessons. We all get bombarded with […]

Your Samaria John 4:1-9

There’s been lots to learn from the series “Going through Samaria”. I hope you have been listening along on on Wednesdays at noon EST.  I started the series talking about the misguided Pharisees. A Pharisee […]

Light Shines in Darkness

In the gospel of John chapter 1, you learn that Jesus has always existed. He put on a flesh body when he came to earth but He was with Father God before then. He is the […]

You Can Speak in Tongues NOW

After you get saved, you should get baptized in the Holy Spirit. This is not water baptism which is identifying with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and being submerged under water. This is receiving […]

Vocal Gifts – Tongues

Starting in the month of June I will be teaching on the vocal gifts of the Spirit. We have been studying the gifts of the Spirit for the last several weeks and just finished up a […]

Outward Leading Can Lead to Ignorance of Spiritual Gifts

I have been teaching for the last several weeks on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. There are 9 gifts: Power gifts, Vocal gifts and Revelation gifts. Power gifts do something. Vocal gifts say something and […]