Sow the Word

This Teaching Ministry is Based on
The Parable Found in Mark 4.


Our Founder

Kendall Campbell is an ordained Bible teacher, and medical doctor. He is teacher and founder of Sow the Word Teaching Ministry LLC, a teaching ministry based on Mark 4:1-20.
He also hosts a weekly internet radio program on iHeart Radio, manages the Sow the Word Teaching Ministry Blog and shares God’s Word on social media. The ministry focuses on practical, applicable teaching with an emphasis on health and the importance of studying the Word of God.


Sow The Word
Teaching Ministry

Our Purpose

Jesus teaches on planting seed and the environment in which the seed is planted. Verses 3 – 7 show us that the seed planted in the wrong environment will not go on to produce lasting fruit. We learn from verse 8 that good ground is needed for the seed to bring forth good fruit, fruit that will remain.

Jesus goes on to teach that the seed sown is the Word of God and the good ground is the heart of mankind. The goal of this ministry is to sow the Word of God into the heart of man so that it will produce fruit; some thirty, some sixty and some one hundred fold.

Why did Jesus teach in parables? Mark 4:11,12 teaches that those who are outside of the family of God (not saved) cannot understand the things of God. Parables are for unbelievers in hopes that they can understand and receive Jesus.

Why is it that when the Word is sown in good ground everyone does not produce the same amount of fruit? The latter part of Matthew 9:29 teaches that according to your faith be it unto you. The amount of faith that you have determines how much fruit you produce.

Elder Kendall Campbell
Is Available For Speaking Engagements